Jennifer Rieker

Product Designer

Strickliesl Chair

This project is about the use of renewable fibres in modern design. 
The material felt has extremely breaking strenght. Knitting felt is a way to create a flexible and haptic interesting structure.
A ‘well-dressed’ chair with a pullover made of knitted felt. The pullover functions as a backrest and seat. The knitted structure transforms the shape of the classical chair frame. The chair pullover has an extra scarf, which can be used as a blanket or cushion while sitting. If the owner wishes to develop a very deep relationship with the furniture, the pullover can also be worn.
This idea is experimental fashion design based on the shape of a chair and not on human proportions. The chair cover becomes a knitted mini-dress with an integrated scarf. The scarf offers playful and surprising ways of wearing it. - Jennifer Rieker / 2007

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