Designer Exchange Showrooms
In cooperation with Felix Reinki I designed three showrooms for three fashion design graduates from Germany, France and the Netherlands. The showrooms reflect the intention and content of their collections.

1 The showroom for Marit van Bergen and her collection “My left-handed collection” is deconstructed. It is a space between reality and fantasy. The collection is behind the black walls, on the other side, the left side. You have to come close to discover what´s behind. A main figure leads the visitor into the showroom. The figures hide like a secret behind the walls. Through the small windows you can look on details and get new perspectives on the outfits.

2 The design for Elena Schneider´s showroom and her collection “One dimensional fool in a three dimensional world” plays with the effects of shadows, silhouettes and dimensions. All components seem to fly or to hover. With transparent paper cranes we pick up the themes of lightness and paper. The birds are an illustrative motive of the collection and also show up in the showroom in different versions.

3 A safety pin with an eagle´s head is the logo for Romain Stiegler´s collection “Bestiare de mode”. The eagle was always a symbol for the most powerful men of the world. This symbolism is therefore the background to the showroom. The male mannequins wear stylised eagles´ heads folded of paper. The group of eagle men stand in a rocky scenery with a blue illuminated sky in the back, le ciel.

Felix Reinki and Jennifer Rieker / Workspace 08 / 6 months / 2008