Future Fibre Crafts
The outcome of my final project "Future Fibre Crafts" is a research book and a concept for experimentation kits called "Craft´n´Make". The kits combine traditional crafting techniques, like stitching and knitting with innovative materials and technologies, like conductive yarn and a stitchable microcontroller unit.

The kits are subdivided into different levels and price categories. Additional information, like video tutorials, samples of programming code and a forum should be found on the accompanying website.

The Mini Kit “DIY-Kit for Touchpad Gloves” works as a teaser for the whole product line. The kit includes information, instruction, conductive yarn and a needle. The packaging works as the instruction manual. With this kit you can make any glove work for touchpads, which work with capacitive sensor technology, like smartphones, tablet PCs and ATMs. --- Now available online www.craftimoko.com.

The medium kit is about the basics of electronics and the advanced kit is about stitching and programming. The kits should reach boys and girls, to show them skills that are new to them.

Jennifer Rieker / Future Fibre Crafts / 6 months / 2010-11